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I Am Still Wondering - Crappyfab - Looking For The Answers, Surrounded By Vultures



  1. Vultures can fly up to miles a day; but they're also homebodies. Some families of vultures have been known to use the same roost for years or more. For years, vultures have been classified as birds of prey, along with hawks, owls and eagles.
  2. Oct 14,  · (they nest on the river which is close by). Thank you for all your cards. I enjoy them. I am still learning! And love the way you share your knowledge. animals. Seems like I am connected to many. I am looking forward to working with yourAnimal Spirit Deck inside it and she had committed suicide I’m still 40 years later wondering the.
  3. Tony made it back home by 9AM, which was pretty impressive considering how long he’d spent with Morgan at her school. Still, it was nice to have some downtime without a kid or another needing him to ‘Dad look at this!’ or ‘Daddy look at me!’ or ‘Dad I’m hungry!’ his entire life .
  4. May 19,  · Daddy Issues Part II: Mule v. the Muscle Daddy (by Mule, edited by religious.chartgenie.netinfo & illustrated by Steve62Reeves) He turns the grass red with his rival's blood and watches with his females as the vultures pick his bones. That's what it is to be a man. Daddy quipped while looking directly at me: "There is still time for you to go and spare Author: Mule.
  5. 2–3 years ago (or was it 4? I’m not sure anymore), I took part in an inter-university poetry competition simply because I was bored. Also, it was fun to be surrounded by people that traveled there form distant uni’s. (I was there to cheer them on.
  6. I'm Surrounded by Beautiful People. We are still, as far as the larger body of our fellows goes, a mob of hydrophobic swine feeding on each other. keep holding on to the morbid roadside car wreck that the rubberneckers slow down for--get past the flashing lights and wondering whose fault it was--don't look in the rear-view mirror.
  7. At least twice (maybe more, I wasn’t always looking up) a single vulture comes lower and flies over me going from east to west. Just as suddenly, they fly off, all in different directions. Having no knowledge of totem animals or turkey vultures, still I am aware this all has significance.

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